Welcome! Below are my books, in order of release.
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A couple of other side-projects linger under the misc tab, along with other nonsense like my old art, and my tshirt shop.

Regan faces the loss of her brother during a nano-tech driven zombie outbreak, eventually getting help from a soldier, Alisia. Regan falls in love, to Alisia’s irritation. They go on to face the creator of the zombie threat, and are charged with stopping the spread.
After the events of Lifehack, nanotech is heavily restricted, forcing users of the tech underground. This doesn’t affect Cassidy much until a desperate scientist’s coverup tears her life apart. A story of sorrow, Cassidy faces a killer, and also herself. This is a much less action-driven story than the other books in the LIfehack series and makes no promise of a happy ending.
In the continuing bans on nanotech, Sarah learns she is the product of it – and created by the individual that the bans were created to stop. Faced with being a literal walking crime, Sarah only desires a normal life. This will be impossible as she is hunted by the government, and as nano-horrors begin to rise.
Lenth grew up knowing of only four other people in a small set of rooms that they’ve been led to believe is the whole world. When one of them dies, and a crack appears in the ceiling of their world, Lenth winds up on a tour of discovery through the giantic facility, learning harsh truths alongside things we take for granted. Like elevators, doorknobs, and women.
The most violent segment of the facility is Citizenry. Quarantined almost like a jail, the Citizens have been left to govern themselves, and they’ve been doing very badly. The leader reigns with fear and abuse, but Leena finds a chance to rebel. Removing a despot is hard enough, and the resulting power vacuum could be even more dangerous. Hope, desperation, and faith in those she loves push Leena forward through losses and fear of the unknown.