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Long ago in highschool, I took up anime-styled art.

<hipster mode> This was way before it was as popular as it is now. If I wanted to watch anime, I had to luck out and find a rental somewhere, on VHS tapes. Anime was AKIRA, and later, Ghost in the Shell. Not any of this new sewage they shovel at the kids on cable TV. Yeah, I have sailor moon dolls, I got them for the ironic value. I honed my art organically, and from screenshots of Japan-based video games, most of which I couldn't understand, so I took 2 years of Japanese. And still can't understand. I found the meaning of AKIRA from the original cryptic translation, with Kanada voiced by Leonardo- not this new dub that spoon feeds the story with.. you know.. an accurate, detailed translation. Pfft. Where was I? Oh yeah, anime sucks, it rocks. </hipster mode>

Anyway, in the process, I ruined what ability I had in realism, but at the time, I was content to draw my anime-styled girlies. At one point, I got bored with it, and realized I needed more detail. So I did what I felt was an insane amount of detail, and two characters were born. I liked them so much, I drew them again. And again. Long story short, they ended up inspiring my first novel, Lifehack.

Even if Lifehack has its origins in my anime-styled art, I try to keep the two at arm's length from each other. That art style is still generally associated with 'kiddie stuff', and my stories aren't really like that.

With that disclaimer aside, go ahead and have a peek at some of my old silly art.


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This marks images relating to my book, LIFEHACK
The blue mark notes images relating to "Watching Yute"

Those of you who may have a deviant art account can see my gallery there, where you can add feedback and such. (Though nothing is stopping you from just emailing me...) 


Cheryl Novia Lowe


Cassidy Stanton, deep in contemplation, and her 1000 year stare.

Also seen here is one of the little lizards indigenous to the Yute region. They tend to wander into the base, from the open desert, and enjoy the warmth some nights, or the plentiful moisture left in puddles in the showers, to the shock of newbies.

Cassidy n Cheryl

Cass' and Cheryl gettin cozy.


Arrives at the Yute base some time after Cassidy. Cipriana sees sparks from a mile away.


Second in command of the Yute honour guard. Dutiful, peaceful, serene.. and straight with 20/20 gaydar.



The first pic of my new hero for the next book, near her post as a member of the Yute honour guard.


Alisia Glowing

Alisia as seen in Regan's dreams, probably.

Mass Impact

Regan, towards the end of the first quarter of the book, carrying her salvaged treasure, the AP mass impact accelerator... she's gonna go make a few dents in things.

ZombieKiller Illustrated 2

Alisia on the cover of ZKI.

ZombieKiller Illustrated

Regan on the cover  for her favorite magazine.

ZombieKiller Illustrated

Regan's pullout (desktop image) for her favorite magazine.


Desktop format here

Regan's suffering one of her moments of self doubt. 


Alisia is a highly trained soldier, capable with many squad based tactical techniques.

Regan? Not so much.


But they're not the same.


Alisia ponders the state of her life.

The Story

A 'Cover' type illustration of Alisia and Regan. It uses several techniques I had not used before. Worked out pretty good if y'ask me.


Parker tries to keep it simple.

One Step

Some things cannot be rushed.

You Have To

Because I can't. A moment from the AZU-1 stories.

Mile High

Kris Taylor, at her post, keeping the Airlimb at 1.6k altitude. 

Azu1 Stand

Alisia and Regan, standing.. um.. kinda proud.

Anne 2

A 2nd (and much better) image of the girl that Regan and Alisia find surviving in the infested city of Meston.. 

Autar's Orphan

Regan, feeling all alone against the odds.

Autar's Orphan

Desktop version.


What is she the avatar of? I dunno.. you tell me!


This one is arguably an avatar too.. specifically of time.

Bad Mojo 5

Alisia and Kensington fighting tacky zombies.


What is it she knows?

Regan Tease

A bit of a remake of the first Regan pic, which caused a random observer to decree her orientation, for no apparent reason.

Rocker Girl 2

The last pic of Regan before she got a name. One of my most popular.


I don't think she likes you.

Neb fun

Random girl, fun with nebulae.


A zombie showing off a new trick.


Oh, i dunno.. maybe this is in some alternate universe...


Say it with me. "So-Le-dad", not "soul-dad". It's a real name, shut up.

Soledad 2

Oh, and she's a supporting character in my AZU spinoff "Echo" She won't make it to the novel.


Title image of my story "Echo"


Well, she gets frustrated sometimes, OK???

Morning love

Regan's perspective on Alisia waking up after Regan sneaked in during the night.

Morning Hate

Alisia's perspective. (It's just rotated, but it gives such a different feel..


Random girl with a shiney laser rifle. zzzzap!

Militia Melissa

Based very loosely on the photo of the FARC member in the corner of this pic.


An experiment, a lazy sorta trampy pose, with some fun home made effects thrown on. Is this Alisia? Maybe. Maybe not.


Anyone who's played it, and has summoned an "AWGS", understands this. Alisia and Regan make a guest shot.

Sketch BW

Playing with leaving in sketchiness. Nice for an experiment.

Sketch COL

The color version. Buh.

Hardsuit Gaia

Character and lineart by Dez, color and shading by me.

Gaia Blue

She's officially green, but blue is my fav color.

Gaia sketch

Colors removed, leaving shading on lines.


Celebrates 20k hits on my deviant art page.

4 found

Regan reading the morning paper in Autar

Alisia Close

Just a closeup.

Angel 2

Whee! What ya see is what ya get.

Archer 2

An oldie but a goodie.


Drawn while listening to 'Baby got an atom bomb.'


Smashie goodness!

Bad Mojo

First picture of Alisia, drawn YEARS before she had a name, red hair, a story, or CG..

Bad Mojo 2

Still nameless, but her destiny is coming into focus.


Late one night, Alisia confides in her teddy bear.

Blanket hog

Late another night, Alisia wakes up cold.


This in an important shot, on an important zombie, in an important chamber.


In a trade, my rendition of a character by Madeline Marie


This one's pretty old, but still comes off nice.


LOOKS like they're gettin closer, anyway..


Picture from a dream Regan has where she talks to herself. At this time, it's only readable in the first edition of Lifehack AZU-1.

Cosplay Alisia

This would never happen, but here's Alisia in Regan's 'uniform'.


Countdown to what...?






Old as heck, but amusing-ish.

Imposed duty

Alisia, putting up with Regan, for whom she feels responsible.

Imposed duty dark

For desktops of those who prefer dark themes.


Regan's not shy with Alisia. And I'm not shy with typos.


I saw

I saw you that day, Alisia, in the hall.
I could feel you watching, Pity, thatís all.

I felt you stare, Your heavy sigh,
Iíll win you soon, The time is nigh.
I saw you that day, Regan, by the window,
You seemed so lost, Like Autarís widow.

You seek my love, Each day you live,
But the love of a friend, Is all I can give.


Momma said knock you out. With a sword, appearently.


Title image for an RM2K game I made. Being a hero is tough when you have no guts, and are AWARE you're in a crappy RPG.

Kingdom Hearts 2

When this was made, KH2 hadn't been announced yet, and I was hoping stick would get in.

Kingdom Hearts 2b

Alternate background.


First picture of Kris.. her shyest too.

Kris Bio

Kris behaving more like Kris.


The time is indeed nigh.


My colorization of a lineart by  Madeline Marie


I used this face as an avatar for a long time.


This is how Regan feels when a zombie interrupts her Brother's funeral.


Hey there classy lady!

Moongaze 2

OOooh, mysticalier.


Oooh, cyberey, n inda nekkid.

New one

An abandoned character concept for my story "Echo"


Regan paying attention to the morning NEWS, OMG!


Alisia being playful? Someone wake Regan up.

Very patient girl

Waiting all evening to ambush Alisia, and hanging onto her (stolen) teddy bear.


Regan's top 5 mid-combat pickup lines.

Private time

Although neither of them hold the rank of private.. whatever..


A civil conversation between Alisia and Regan is overtaken by a Kris/Regan fight.

Rebel Yell

Drawn while listening to Billy Idol


Kinda a general portrait


One of my few fanarts, Rydia of Final Fantasy 2/4

She's dead

Cuz I guess the liter of blood wasn't a big enough hint.


For all her little complexities, Regan has simple desires.

So Stupid

Another of my most popular.

Stop, Stupid

Alisia once again trying to humanely deal with Regan's feelings.


And here's one good reason why Regan's so loyal to Alisia.


Random girlie, water effects.


I didn't like this one much, but everyone else seemed to.


If ya don't get it, ya just don't get it.

Too Far Gone

So now she's here.


Alisia AGAIN waking up to find Regan making herself comfy.


Aww, poor Regan


This one could have ended up better, but it's still sweet.


Don't wake me.



Books are available in Trade Paperback, Hardcovers, and Kindle.
Click a title graphic for more info, excerpts, and an introductory video.