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Four and a half years after my injury, (sep 2001) I have met the floor 4 times.

The first one was on purpose, it was floor exercises in GF Strong. That felt silly, I didn't bother doing that again. I can do those from bed. (Not that I do)

The second time was also in GF strong. The bed was on wheels, ad they weren't locked. I realized i was going down, and my wife, (girlfriend at the time) was there to try to help me back up before I went to far between the chair and the bed. Despite her strength, and maybe due to her own panic, she could to help me back up, so we took a controlled ride to the floor, then got staff help. This was no biggie. I don't count that as a fall, since it was partly due to the odd bed, and also.. that was back in GF... stuff that goes wrong there doesn't count. That's where ya learn to avoid stuff going wrong.


Skip ahead to sept 2005.

An international student from Japan had come to stay with us for the school year. I think it was her 2nd day here. (For the purposes of the internet, let's call her "Rei". Yeah, I'm an Eva fan, so?)

I was sitting on the bed, with my chair in front of me, half upside down, ready to do some maintenance to the front wheels. I leaned way over to the side, to grab a little bottle of oil, when my leg decided to spasm tight. This was only momentary, but it was enough to start a slow 'roll' off the edge of the bed, since I was rather sideways. Eva saw/hear it, and was ready to hit panic mode.

The ride down was gentle enough, as I was grabbing onto the comforter. So I was in a good enough mood to laugh at myself. I thought that was a good way to let Rei know that I was OK, and this was no big deal.

I mean, I knew I'd get up eventually, but I just didn't quite know when, or how.

Plan a- I made a feeble attempt at hauling myself up into the chair, the way I've seen more agile gimps do, but that wasn't gonna happen. I darn near got my butt stuck in the frame of the chair. Rei was eager to help, although her nervous low-level english questions weren't helping me think.

Plan b- make a 'staircase' or cushions I could maneuver myself up to get to chair height. (which was already a bit lower, since I took the chair's cushion out as part of my first attempt. So, Rei was able to be helpful by fetching some of the sturdier cushions form the sofa. This seemed to be working, but after getting 2 steps up, the whole operation was already looking pretty unstable. It would take at least 2 more steps to get high enough to get on the chair, and I didn't think the next step would happen.. more likely I'd slide back down in the process.

Plan c- HEY! I'm not high enough to get on the chair, but, if i push the mattress over a bit, I CAN get onto the box-spring...! What good is this, you ask? AHA! I have an adjustable bed! So I got on, and got Rei to find the remote. Zap zing, and I was able to get in the chair. Oh, though my chair cushion was still out. No biggie. Re-assmble the bed, pop on, put the seat back on..... thank my new hero Rei profusely, then get back to the maintenance I WAS about to start.



Skip ahead, Jan 11, 2006.

Well gee, I'd gone like 4 years with only 1 fall... (excluding the one in GF Strong), so Odds were I wouldn't have another in a long time.

I was right were I am now, when i spot something out the window, going on in the driveway. I decided to go have a peek. The thing about spasms, is that they kinda 'store up energy' when I'm sitting still, etc. A little motion negates this 'charge' or triggers the spasm.. usually so I can get it over with and anticipate it.

Well, I wasn't anticipating anything this time. As I was turning out form the desk backwards, my legs decide that my body should be a straight line. BAM. WHOO! It tossed my weight back, into a wheelie. No biggie, been here before..

ooh, was I ever THIS far back? Let's grab the desk. The proper solution at that moment would be to pump the wheels back, but the edge of the desk looked like a quicker, easier solution, I guess.

I have a very smooth desk.

All my slipping drip managed to do was to rotate my entire self, chair and all, another 90 degrees backwards, so I was beside the desk.



Ow. Oh, that wasn't so bad.

Okay, now what... I could call.... oh wait, what do I hear?

My mum, and a few of her friends coming in the front door.

"Hi? Mum? Uh, help?"

"Hey honey, I'm back, where are ya?" She hollers, coming upstairs.

"Um, in my office. Uh, on the floor."

"Oh my."

Well, one of the friends she had with her was a teenage boy, who wasn't as strong as he thought. So we ended up pulling a variation of Plan C after I scooted myself back to the bedroom, along the floor. All 4 of them, the whole time, were being over-helpful, to the point where they may as well been saying "Oh, let's help the poor little cripple." Ugh. Just a little humiliating.

Well, after the adrenaline wore off, I found that my shoulder/neck area was sore. But I was shaking. I'm still a little jumpy. This fall was different. It was sudden, it hurt, and it wasn't nearly as controlled as the last one. This was a shock.


Between that, and the whole pity-session... well, I feel weak. It's been a long time since I've felt like this, and frankly, I don't like it. Right now, I wanna curl up in bed, and wait for stem cells.


I don't have time for that. Time to buck up. Rei will be home soon, and she doesn't need my stress.