About me

Joseph Picard
-Year of hatching: 1976
-Last seen: Lower Mainland, B.C., Canada
-Current level: 43
-Blood type: Red and tangy
-Identifying features: Drives a manual wheelchair fuelled by taurine.
-Do not approach. Suspect won’t shut up, especially if his books come up.
-Known to be easily distracted by polyhedral dice. And crows. And dogs. And kids.
-And the colour 47.

A generally creative type, a lifelong interest in writing became a greater focus when a short story spawned a sequel… and another sequel… and a prequel. Fleshing them out and cleaning them up eventually became his first novel, Lifehack.

While cycling to a computer repair job in 2001, Joseph was struck by a car, resulting in T5/6 paraplegia. Since then, he has married, and had two children, Caitlin and Lachlan.

Later dealing with significant paraplegia-related pressure wounds that resulted in months of hospitalization, Joseph gradually recovered to a healthy paraplegic condition.

Joseph began volunteering at the local seniors’ centre, leading to a job. This position ended less than a year later due to Covid-19. A few months later, Joseph began working for another non-profit organization dealing with community projects and seniors, and a company catering to family services.

Meanwhile, the next story beckons…