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TheMany Grape

When I spent a handful of months in the hospital, I became very familiar with hospital food. When a tray arrived at my bed, it comes with a ‘packing slip’ of what you’re being fed, itemized, and often abbreviated.

One day I was given “One Grapes” which let to a doodle of a grape who was confused if he was singular or plural, and was having an existential breakdown over it.

I began doodling on the packing slips, I found out hospital staff were saving them, and along with some of my commentary, these crude doodles became a book.

It IS available as kindle, but in all honesty, the format works out much better in print.

Cassidy’s Ladder is a short story sequel to Watching Yute.
Is it available on Kindle and paperback.

It takes place a couple years later. It’s readable without having read Watching Yute, but of course, it holds more meaning if you have. Cassidy’s ladder also does not have the sci-fi elements that Watching Yute does- it is purely a personal look at the main character’s emotional recovery, building of self-worth, and steps back towards love.

13 Bites is a series of anthology books. I have stories in the first three volumes, but mine are a little less horror than many of the other entries. I did some scary style stuff, but I wrote stories a little on the lighter side- which some readers who were looking for hard scares disliked. Meh, to each their own. And yes, that’s my hand on the cover of volume 1. With my leftover halloween candy, in the front yard of my old house.

Sadly, Alan Seeger, who had become the head of the series (as well as a number of other seasonal anthologies) passed away. He was an inspiring man with many interests, and sought to learn at the same time as he taught.