Rubberman Series

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The Rubberman series consists of Rubberman’s Cage, and Rubberman’s Citizens. Book 3 is in progress…

The Rubberman series begins with a young man who’s grown up in a very small environment with a handul of ‘Brothers’, and the Rubberman who exists above their metal grate ceiling.

Minor spoilers, but before too long he finds out that there’s places outside the little environment he grew up in, eventually going on to ‘discover’ several areas in this sprawling complex. Some of these groups grow up knowing not much more than he did, others know much more.

Sub-societies have gelled and existed for several generations, each with differing awareness and relationships with other levels. The first book, Rubberman’s Cage, offers a tour of most of the complex as Lenth searches for his ‘missing’ Brother, and faces truths about his world, as well as someone who grew up much as he did… yet very differently.

Rubberman’s Citizens takes a closer look at one of the sub-levels, Citizenry, and its struggles against its local leadership. The main character, Leena, makes many of the same discoveries as Lenth did, but with goals concerning the Citizerly and her friends in mind.

Both Lenth and Leena learn about the ‘big picture’, and have to make choices about what to do with this information.

The next book, Rubberman’s Exodus, still in progress, follows Tara.

Tara begins the book knowing all about the ‘big picture’, but her challenge will ripple throughout the whole complex – forcing thousands of people in the complex to learn, and face the big truth wether they like it or not.

And that big truth that Lenth learned, and Leena learned, and Tara always knew? That big truth…

is it, though?