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Lenth grew up in a lie.

Apparently there's more than five people in the world.

Four Brothers live their lives in an enclosed habitat as directed by the silent Rubberman above them. When they disobey, they get shocked. This is normal. It always has been.

When a Brother dies, they learn of death. When he is replaced by someone new, they learn they are replaceable.

When the ceiling above the ceiling cracks open, Lenth plans a journey beyond the known universe:

A third floor.



Rubberman's Cage has arrived!
-and the buzz has already begun!

"...his voyage of discovery through successive layers of a neo-primitive, regressed, rigidly defined society makes a truly gripping read. "

"The post-holocaust society is depicted with imagination
and empathy and is completely believable. Tradition
 layers upon developed superstitions
 to produce a warped society..."

"Rubberman's Cage is post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction at its finest. A must read for 2014."

-Tabitha Ormiston-Smith


A sort of coming-of-age story. Entertaining and dare I say a little cute (?) as Lenth discovers the more complex world outside of his small group of 4 brothers and the endless routine of his simple existence.

-Ashley Hornbaker

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Speculative fiction by Joseph Picard.
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An small excerpt from Rubberman's Cage;
(more on the book's page)

“You've stopped killing?”

“I could have killed those Providers down with the nuclear thing area! But does it matter?” He kicked the vat. “They'll end up in a vat anyway! I'm dying right now! I don't know when, but Messenger made it sound like it was soon! If I knew how to open these, I may as well crawl in now!”
Six paced a little more. “Lenth, did you know, growing up, what death was? I sure didn't! When I…” He stood still, shaking his head slowly.

“When what, Six?”

Six leaned back with a deep breath and screamed, “When I killed my Brother, I didn't know he'd STAY dead!” He staggered forward, gasping for air, fighting sobs.

Of course. Why would he know that? “His name was Eyes, right? The one I met?” Lenth asked. “And your Rubberman, he—”

“No,” Six said sharply, “he can stay dead. I'd kill him again if I could.”