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I've only done a handful of flash animations.. oddly, the first one was my most complex. After that, I wasn't as interested in the medium.. and time to make them became a factor, too.

Ozero Vs The Ninjas
6.5 min, 1.7megs
The epic tale of a guy stuck in a wheelchair (me), and one of many struggles against the ninjas which attack me frequently, and how my wife refuses to believe.
Sing along with mario
Ok, I had to make this. Know that tune in every bloody mario game, when you're undergorund? Well, one day, while playing mario world on the GBA, lyrics just came to me.....

CASTLEVANIA: Dirge of Inebriation
4 min? 330k

Hey Castlevania fans! (especially Symphony of the Night) Ever wonder what drac and death do when they're not busy doing evil things, or defending the castle against pesky belmonts and other heroes? They get hammered! DUH!
CASTLEVANIA: Untitled Due to much demand, a sequel is in the works. Long before the events of SOTN, Alucard makes a different kind of visit home.. Let's face it... I'm never gonna have time for this...
Ozero Vs the Ninjas II The evil ninja master plots a bigger plot to kill our hero. It's half done. And it's been that way for years. Again.. it's doubtful this will ever get done.



Hi! Did I mention I'm a gimp? Yeah, it blows. It's a pretty misunderstood thing, so I wrote a heap of stuff about it, and how I got into this glamorous wheelchair. You can read it  if you're brave, but some of it's not super-happy stuff.  These are pretty old, haven't been edited worth a frig, and it's not terribly likely that they will be.

BASICS How I got injured, and a basic rundown of what it did to my life
STEREOTYPE How the world sees me in a chair, and the silly things I do about it.
FALLING All about my infrequent trips to the floor. (Outdated.. the floor and the road and I have had more dates since this was written..)
DEMON RAMP The harrowing, (and true) tale of how I battled the damp from hell! (with a pic)



If you don't know what Airs, and 'pen & paper' roleplaying are all about- well, this edition won't be much help. Airs started as an alternative to D&D, when my dad forbade me to play D&D, even though he had no idea what it was, aside from the news stories in the 80's about the college student who killed himself over it... or something....

Anyway, IRS, (Idiot roleplaying system) was born, using only the D6, and rules inspired by a mix of D&D and JRPGs.. as it became more complex, and adopted the 6-die set, it became AIRS, the 'Advanced Idiot Roleplaying system' (For advanced idiots) I had a good run with AIRS... at it's peak I ran pretty long sessions every other weekend, and operated a multi-party gameworld played through email. (Dialup BBS email... what's a dialup BBS? Bah, you're too young....)

AIRS 5: v 1.00.. HERE

Massive improvements over the beta, with more skills, better balanced magic, a basic monster listing, and a handful more...


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