I, Regan Grier, declare that with all that damned nano-bullshit over, and my *ahem* generous retirement package, I have a lot of personal freedom than I'd ever had before. My dearest can't always be catering to my various whims, so I decided use my spare time to go after my old aspiration!

My band is still being formed. “Tinkerbell Thunderclap”.

I'd love for Alisia to be my bassist, I could probably train her a bit to do some simple stuff. She says she doesn't want to be drummer. She says she's watched how female drummers bounce, and it's not her style.

Screw it, if I can get her playing bass with any ability at all, and get her into a suitably bitchin' outfit, we don't need no stinkin drummer, I'll buy a drum machine.

But Regan, you have no experienced bassist, and no drummer at all, you don't have a band!” Well fuck you, I have enough time and coins on my hands to make it work.



I'm happy to leave the zombies in the past, and in the ash, but let's face it-

a) it was a big part of making me who I am now,

b) it's how I met the most amazing chick ever,

c) and face it. The Erebus Incident made me famous. No one would have heard of me, and I wouldn't be able to even consider doing a band if it wasn't for how things turned out.

So that's why I came up with that name for my first tour, whenever that's going to be. And no, tours after this won't be named things like "Zom-shooter" or "zom-bomber" or "zom-burner".

Zom-bomber is kinda catchy though..


What's My Music?

Oh, you know. Rock'n'Roll. I'm heavily inspired by the greats, and despite being a lesbian, I have a... rock-crush on Billy Idol, even if he is from like, the 1900s for something. DAT SNEER!!!

Some of my songs are love songs, some are lust songs, one or two are about my bro, or other people and things lost in the Erebus Incident, and of COURSE one or two about some bitch I used to date.

Okay. Nicey time. I'm on.... civil terms with the one who inspired THOSE songs, but GRRR can make for some awesome music!




Hey, who goes to concert without grabbing a T? Well... I don't do concerts yet, since the band isn't formed yet, but nothing's stopping you from getting a kickass T!

Oh, the guy hosting my stuff has his own stuff too, so.. like, don't get confused. I have nothing to do with that Rubberman suff.

Below it says "Zomsmasher Tour 20XX"... cuz.. it'll happen! I'm sure of it! I.. just have no idea when.

Eh.. maybe I'll knock some heads and get some mugs n crap made too. Speak up if you're into it!


No, Tinkerbell Thunderclap is not now, nor will it ever be, a real band. Regan Grier is  a fictional character, hero of the novel "LIFEHACK". She makes other appearances in other books and short stories published in anothologies, and similar things.

#parody #justKIDDING #thebandwouldbeawesomethough

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