Welcome to my videos!

Some are sillier than others, some drone on and on, but hopefully they all appeal to someone.
Either way, I have fun making them.


With some outside musical help, (I only wrote the lyrics, from Regan's perspective I put together a music video for

Regan Grier (a fictional character from my first book) always wanted to be a rockstar, so...
The art is done in a sloppy-silly fashion, as I don't think my usual style fits well.


I've always liked the idea of 'character interviews', but they've always been text-only affairs.
I thought I could make a video out of one instead. I got Tabitha Ormiston-Smith to chat with me online
as I played the part of Lenth, the main character of Rubberman's Cage.

The resulting ad-libbed text is the script for this video:


And then, just because I got a silly idea, I filmed an interview with a Rubberman.
It's only three minutes, and far sillier than Rubbermen are in the book.

This next one was my first (and best) flash animation. After the credits are some scenes from the never-to-be-finished sequel.


The next one is aimed at fans of the game "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.", but even if you aren't, it's a little bit fun still.


This next one is mainly an experiment to get one of my old S3M tunes onto youtube. Lacking a video for it, I just tossed in some of my art.



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